My favorite music : part 1

Okay...so I told y'all that I am a southern gospel fan now.  So I'm going to start sharing some of my favorite songs with y'all, and hopefully make y'all fans too (just kiddin').  

Recently as I was doing dishes, I was listening to the southern gospel station that we have created on Pandora.  All of a sudden this song comes on and I as I listen to the song, I instantly fell in love with it!  It turns out that the song was "Me and God" by Josh Turner.  I've only heard two songs by him, so I'm not telling anybody to go buy all of his CD's.

Anyway...I bet you can guess what song I'm going to share with you...LOL ;D  Enjoy y'all!

PS. In case you were wondering...here in the South the term y'all is in fact a word.  Everywhere you go, you here it being used {along with ain't, gonna, "No you don't (instead of "No you didn't), etc.} :P

Serving HIM,

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