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The Millennial Excuse

A new common term has sprung up in our society in just very recent times - “millennial generation”. Alright, alright – the term itself isn’t new, but it seems to have sprung up recent conversations in Christian and non-Christian circles.

What is the “Millennial generation” exactly?
According to Live Science, the “Millennial generation” is defined as follows:
“The term Millennial's generally refers to the generation of people born between the early 1980’s and the early 2000’s. Perhaps the most commonly used birth range for this group is 1982-2000.”
It is in this specific generation, that the “reputations” of adults/young adults has been ruined.
What do I mean by this? If we tear this “popular generation” apart, we may understand it a little better. So let’s look at the reasons one by one shall we.
Reason 1 : the “Millennial generation” is known by either the Peter Pan generation or the Boomerang generation. Why these titles? The reason this generation has been given the titles Peter Pan…

I'm Not Here to Please You

To my friends and family,
For the eighteen years, I have been living my life trying to please you all. Having certain friends, wanting to wear certain clothes, talking a certain way - even believing certain things. Whatever else you can think of, I would try to do it – for you.

It wasn’t until last month (January 2017) that God pricked my heart and showed me that it was wrong. I was not created to please man, I was created to please God. That’s the first thing I learned in homeschool: the chief end of man is to glorify God.
You all ask me: “Why don’t you try dressing this way, it would show your personality?!” “Could you just do (this certain thing), it would make life easier?!” “Why don’t you get a job? You need to learn how to fend for yourself!” “What if you never get married? How will you take care of yourself then?” “Why don’t you attend this college? You would be amazing at this degree!” …… the list could go on, but you get the general idea.
I’ve never responded to your quest…

Currently In the Life of Alisha

I decided that I would share with you all what I have been doing lately - and some will explain why my blog has been silent.  No theey aren't excuses, but hey, it's time the silence had an explanation  😉

1) Making priorities in 2017 I know, why hasn't the blog been a priority, right?  I really want to make 2017 the year I  start deciding what's important.  Last year, the number of posts and comments I had here on Alisha In Progress was the top priority.  Around December, God brought to light that "priority" and laid upon my heart to draw ever closer to Him. With that said, I will not be forsaking the blog, but I may not be posting as much as I have the past couple years.  We'll see how God directs 🙂
2) School God laid on my heart in January to really focus on growing my knowledge of His word by doing online Bible school.  In 2016 I started The School of Biblical Evangelism and January 2017 I received my diploma. As of January 2017, I have enrolled into my …

A Great January

I sincerely apologize for the silence on this blog, lots has been going on in life.  Hopefully I can get a blogging schedule made up and the silence will cease (or won't become so popular lol).

Back in January, Rhey and I made a trip to KY - again.  I know, I know - we go there a lot.  Haha, we all absolutely enjoy a week and a half of fun, and are already looking forward to another trip in April 😀
Here are a ton of pictures from our trip, hope you enjoy them :)

Word Power

I’m sure you have heard these following phrases at some point in your life:
If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at at!”Your words are powerful, be careful with what you say.”Stop acting like that, we aren’t in High School anymore!”
The list of common phrases can go on, but I’d rather not bore you with the rest lol ;P

We mostly hear these statements coming from the adults around us. These statements hold a lot of wisdom – in fact, I try to live by them (trying be the operative word). Of course I fail miserably, who doesn’t?? However, let me just say this (no disrespect intended) :
1) adults don’t seem to practice what they preach 2) young adults don’t seem to heed those instructions anymore
Just because we turn 21, doesn’t mean these statements are null and void. We still need to adhere to them – no matter the circumstance. That goes for adults too. Being a parent, having a job, paying off a house payment, etc., doesn’t mean that the above statements don’t apply t…