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Get Ready To Have Some Fun!!


Being In Reckless Abandon

In my last post I explained why I believe the way I do!  But lately, I haven't shared with what God has shared with me lately!
I'm finally in total reckless abandon in Him - and have finally reached the point of true contentment! Yes I still desire to serve a man I call "my hubbers", but it's not my every waking thought and no longer a raging desire. Having a man in my life will not going to solve any loneliness I may feel - only My Lover (Christ) can solve! However, I still long to serve the man God has for me - whoever it may be, whenever He sees fit to put him in my life.  But I think God hasn't shown me or revealed who the man is, because I have never fully understood that marriage isn't meant to fulfill me.  Marriage is meant to depict Christ and His Bride.
"Then what is marriage suppose to be or even do??"
Marriage is to fulfill the image of Christ loving His Bride and vice versa. I also finally understand that marriage isn't a bed of roses -…

To Those Who Don't Understand

I know that you all don't really know the reason behind why I've chosen to live my life the way I do - so hopefully this post will kind of explain it to you! I am going to try my absolute hardest to be respectful with this email!  If I seem to be disrespectful – I'm sorry, but I am very passionate about my convictions, and I'm tired of the constant strife they seem to bring!
I want to share a definition with you all – it may help you understand the reason behind my “radical belief”.
Conviction -  a standard that serves as a springboard for your choices
At nine years old, I made the decision of waiting for/wanting God's best – it wasn't forced on me by my parents or pastor, nor was I brainwashed!  My parents had no idea the kind of commitment I made – saving myself for the man God has for me (they didn't understand or know what it was).  That choice (like all the rest I've made) was a choice I made by myself with God's leading!! As I got older I knew that …

10 Ways to Know If You're A Farm Girl || Farm Girl Chronicles

#1 : you talk to your friends or church family about farm related topics
#2 : you like the smell of dairy farms
#3 : you love butchering chickens
#4 : you get really excited when your parents come home with 24 meat chickens (butchering is coming soon)
#5 : you jump on the opportunity of goin' huntin' this November
#6 : you begin to enjoy your chicken chores
#7 : your Snapchat stories are mostly farm related
#8 : you don't mind dirt under your nails
# 9 : you don't mind taking care of your neighbor's horses + cats while they are on a trip
#10 : you try convincing your parents to get a goat + that you NEED one

Taking Every Thought Captive

“We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”{2 Corinthians 10:5} As daughters of the Most High, the way we handle our thought life is extremely important! If we spend all our time thinking about how we appear to others, what guy might possibly like us, etc., then it makes it harder for the light of Christ to shine through us … and it’s hard to remain content in who God made us + where He has placed in this life. For instance, if we spend of our life thinking about guys, then we will be discontent in our singlehood + struggle in serving God / our family to the fullest. 2 Corinthians 10:5 says to “take every thought captive“, so what are some ways to apply this to our daily life?? When we are fretting over how we look : ask yourself these three questions … :: why am I focused so much on my outward appearance? :: do I represent the Lord in how I am dressed today? :: …