Being In Reckless Abandon

In my last post I explained why I believe the way I do!  But lately, I haven't shared with what God has shared with me lately!

I'm finally in total reckless abandon in Him - and have finally reached the point of true contentment!
Yes I still desire to serve a man I call "my hubbers", but it's not my every waking thought and no longer a raging desire.
Having a man in my life will not going to solve any loneliness I may feel - only My Lover (Christ) can solve!
However, I still long to serve the man God has for me - whoever it may be, whenever He sees fit to put him in my life.  But I think God hasn't shown me or revealed who the man is, because I have never fully understood that marriage isn't meant to fulfill me.  Marriage is meant to depict Christ and His Bride.

"Then what is marriage suppose to be or even do??"

Marriage is to fulfill the image of Christ loving His Bride and vice versa.
I also finally understand that marriage isn't a bed of roses - no marriage is perfect.  Sometimes the couple will fall. But when they have Christ as their center focus - they'll be able to get back up and walk hand in hand and learn from the mistakes they make (self-centeredness has no room in a God filled marriage). 

We as women weren't created to be fulfilled by men or suck the life outta them.  We were created to be their help-meet and to fulfill them.


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