10 Ways to Know If You're A Farm Girl || Farm Girl Chronicles

#1 : you talk to your friends or church family about farm related topics

#2 : you like the smell of dairy farms

#3 : you love butchering chickens

#4 : you get really excited when your parents come home with 24 meat chickens (butchering is coming soon)

#5 : you jump on the opportunity of goin' huntin' this November

#6 : you begin to enjoy your chicken chores

#7 : your Snapchat stories are mostly farm related

#8 : you don't mind dirt under your nails

# 9 : you don't mind taking care of your neighbor's horses + cats while they are on a trip

#10 : you try convincing your parents to get a goat + that you NEED one

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  1. Yuuuuuuusss! That is SOOO me! Someday! Lord willing, I will have a farm someday. :) Thanks Alisha for posting this :)


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