Rhey's surprise party

This past Saturday, my parents and I threw Rhey a surprise party in honor of her 14th birthday!  We all had a fantastic time of fellowship!  Nooow ... here are the pictures from the party :)

Rhey loves bright & cheery colors, so mom thought that the tie-die decorations would be perfect!!

Rhey loved the flowers I bought her :D

The guest of honor has arrived ;)

Most of the adults talkin'
L-R: Mr. B, Larry, Mrs. B, Mr. L, Mrs. L

Most of the kiddos - Rhey is MIA lol
L-R: Matt, Sarah, D.J, Beth

Mom getting instruction from Mrs. B in how to make garden mint tea
L-R: Mom, Mrs. L, Mrs. B

These three could affectionately be referred to the Three Musketeers ;)
L-R: Sarah, Rhey, D.J

Mom & Dad got her a Bible
L-R: Matt, Sarah, Rhey, D.J

Rhey loves chocolate - can't you tell by her face??? ;)

"Now I didn't know what to get you, but I figured you'd like what I decided to give you" - D.J
L-R: Matt, Sarah, Rhey, D.J

D.J painted Rhey a scenic picture - she loves it :D
L-R: Sarah & Rhey

Matt, Sarah, & Beth got Rhey plants - Rhey loves plants (so of course she loves her new additions)!
L-R: Rhey & D.J

So folks, that wraps up this post!!!!!!
Have you ever thrown somebody a surprise party??

In HIS grace, Alisha


  1. Awwww so sweet! Happy(late) birthday, Rhey!!! :)

  2. So fun + super sweet of you to do this for your sister! Happy birthday to Rhey!

  3. I love having surprise parties for my sister's birthdays! Happy birthday to Rhey!

    Also, when are you going to post who won the giveaway??? :D


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