Practicing hospitality

Mom loves being hospitable – and this summer, God has given her plenty of opportunities to open our home up.

For two weeks in July we hosted a grand total of three missionaries – one steady (Kevin), two temporary (Pastor Gabriel and Arvin) – from the Philippines.

We all had such a good time of fellowship, making a joyful shout to our Lord (there was lots of music those two weeks), and eating Filipino food (Kevin, Arvin, and Mom were the chefs).

 So without further rambling here are some pictures from the two weeks :)

When the guys arrived, the four of us played an intense game of Super Scrabble :)
 L – R : Pastor Gabriel, Kevin, Rhey

Pastor Gabriel and Kevin were able to join us when we sang at the local nursing home
 L – R: Pastor Gabriel, Kevin, Pastor Fred, Rhey, Miss Reba

We treated Pastor Gabriel and Kevin to Sonic :)
L – R : Kevin, Pastor Gabriel, Mom, Daddy, Rhey
yeeeah I don't know these craaazzy people haha

L – R : Me, Kevin, Rhey, Pastor Gabriel
there we go, now those three are back to normal haha

We all went hiking at Crab Tree Falls
 L – R: Kevin, Rhey, Me, Pastor Gabriel

Yeeeeah the three of us are goofballs haha
L - R : Kevin, Rhey, Me
sorry for the poor picture quality :P

Well folks, that is it for now (due to the fact that I don't have anyother pictures available right now)!

Stay tuned for the next post - "Welcome to Team Jesus" (oooooooooh yeeeeeaah!)

In HIS grace, Alisha

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  1. Wow! Looks like you (and your mom!) have been busy this summer!


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