Spring flair modesty

Spring is a fun season! All the flowers start to bloom, birds sing “praises” to their Maker. Not only is this season full of God's beautiful handy-work, but it is also a fun time to dress with a spring flair. However, dressing with a “spring flair” doesn't mean the way you dress needs to be immodest.

There are a bunch of spring dresses out there...the problem is, is finding on that fits your wish list! It makes me made when, while I'm out shopping, I pick up this really cute dress with a cute pattern printed on it. But when I take it off the rack and hold it up, it ends up being either {a} too short {b} low cut or {c} spaghetti strap. Thankfully Mom and I have found away to get around the last two! If it's low cut, we then try our hardest to find a t-shirt (with really short sleeves) to go underneath. Or we get a tank-top to go underneath. Then we also search for a cute short sleeve sweater or jacket to over the dress. Not only is this cute but, but it is also a way to stay cool on warmer spring days.

Just because Spring gives us really warm days here and there, doesn't mean our skirts need to get shorter and shorter in order to stay cool! I have seen so many cute light cotton skirts in such adorable prints. However today in our society, it is extremely hard to find skirts that are long and loose fitting. Ligth cotton skirts are great when the weather is warm, but what about the cool spring days? I personally love denim skirts. Not only are they comfortable, but they keep you warm, and I think they are absolutely cute :)

I as an individual, love the look of modest layering. However my mom can say otherwise, only because it causes more laundry. So the only way I layer is when I wear a v-neck shirt, I then wear a tank-top underneath, but I wear the tank-top backwards {only because it provides a lot more coverage}.

With all this said...don't dress to fit in, dress to stand out!  Be set-apart in what you wear!!

In HIS grace, Alisha

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