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Every Heart

You're invited to join Alisha and Moriah for the

When does it start: May 1, 2015 When does it end: May 10, 2015 What's the purpose: to support Moriah on her trip to Uganda, Africa in June What's involved: a beautifully made t-shirt from Fund the Nations
Moriah and I pray that you will join us for this wonderful event!!

Rachel's testimony << 2015 Salvation Celebration >>

I've Found a Resting Place
Hi there! I’m Rachel, and the oldest daughter in a family of 8 children. I love to study+memorize the Word of God, spend time with family and friends, play my piano and harp, craft, and so many other things. I blog at , so hop on over and check it out sometime. :D Don’t forget to leave a comment!

I was born into a Christian family, for which I am extremely grateful! How blessed am I to have been born into my wonderful family…and having my parents emphasis the importance of following Jesus and obeying His Word is something that will impact the rest of my days. 
From a young age, my parents have taught me about Jesus and the Gospel.  As far back as I can remember, I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart. I remember praying with Daddy on several occasions, but never really feeling any different or freed. 

The Lord kept working in my life, convicting me. Then, in January of 2006, at the age of 8…one evening I was getting ready for bed.…

Tammy's testimony << 2015 Salvation celebration >>


Emily's testimony << 2015 Salvation Celebration >>

 Ransomed By Mercy
 The question “what is your testimony, or, how did you become born-again,” seems as though it would be an easy one to answer, but it is actually a rather difficult one for me.

The main reason being that in my memory, there has not been an exact defining point in my life where I felt as though I became born-again.  Being a pastor's daughter, I have always been raised around the church, and other believers, so I first gave my heart to the Lord as a small child. Through the years, as I became older and more completely began to understand the workings of the Lord in our lives, I was “up and down,” choosing to be a “Christian” one day, and then becoming discouraged and following my own heart the next. And, sad to say, I at some point completely stopped following the way of the cross. I had a very rebellious heart in my pre-teen and beginning teen years, and I had strayed from following my Heavenly Father in many different and subtle ways, allowing the lies and ideas …

Kelsey's testimony << 2015 Salvation celebration >>

First I want to say, thank you so much Alisha for asking me to do this, it has been such a joy getting to know you, and your heart for the Lord presses me to love Jesus more. 
This is my testimony of sorts...;) I grew up in a Christian home and my parents' were/are faithful in teaching me and my siblings about the Lord, and have constantly pointed us to Him. But, also growing up, we were raised in a very strict and legalistic church, in this church, the rules were made more important than Jesus. About six years ago, my parents eyes were opened, as they started reading the Bible and finding out that a lot of what we believed was not actually Biblical, it was more man-made rules that we had been believing. The Lord slowly brought us out of that "religion" very gracefully, and unlike many to leave very strict backgrounds, I became closer to the Lord rather than far away. About four years ago, the Lord started drawing me to Himself more, He put questions in my mind that o…

Pray for Rebekah

In HIS grace, Alisha

C'mon girls ... let's invest!

Today in our society, older sisters who take the time to invest in their younger sibling's lives are extremely hard to come by.  And to the modern families, this “way of sibling-hood” is foreign.  Why? Why is the idea of older sisters investing  foreign?  Honestly ladies, I don't know why!  Perhaps, no one has explained the importance of the investment they put into their sibling's lives.  Perhaps, they haven't been presented with “the challenge”.  No matter what the case may be, it is so important that we, as older sisters, invest in our sibling's lives.

When we invest in our sibling's lives, you show a love that  they will cherish.  This love is not the ushy-gushy love that we hear about today.  The love I'm referring to, is the kind of love Christ commands:

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”  (John 13:34)
It is so super easy to apply this verse to our outside friendships … am …

Spring flair modesty

Spring is a fun season! All the flowers start to bloom, birds sing “praises” to their Maker. Not only is this season full of God's beautiful handy-work, but it is also a fun time to dress with a spring flair. However, dressing with a “spring flair” doesn't mean the way you dress needs to be immodest.
Dresses: There are a bunch of spring dresses out there...the problem is, is finding on that fits your wish list! It makes me made when, while I'm out shopping, I pick up this really cute dress with a cute pattern printed on it. But when I take it off the rack and hold it up, it ends up being either {a} too short {b} low cut or {c} spaghetti strap. Thankfully Mom and I have found away to get around the last two! If it's low cut, we then try our hardest to find a t-shirt (with really short sleeves) to go underneath. Or we get a tank-top to go underneath. Then we also search for a cute short sleeve sweater or jacket to over the dress. Not only is this cute but, but i…