Don't give up your M&M's :: moment of laughter

Hey y'all ....... as I was looking through some old articles I've written in the past, I came across one in particular that made me laugh.  I hope it makes you laugh too ;)

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As I was explaining purity to my friend Kathleen (age 10 at the time), her little sister Emilee (age six at the time) was absolutely absorbing all that I had to say. Kathleen however, wasn’t quite understanding what I was saying, so I decided to use an analogy.
“Okay Kathleen, let’s pretend that your dad is the king & he gives you a bag full of your favorite candy…”
I was suddenly interrupted by Emilee,
Can the candy be M&M’s?”
“I suppose the candy can be M&M’s.”
As I went on, Kathleen understood everything I had to say and kept asking me awesome questions. Emilee however, never let go of the candy analogy! So every time I mentioned the topic of purity, Emilee reminded Kathleen:
“Remember Kathleen, you can NOT give a boy ANY of your M&M’s!”

I guess all good seeds must start growing somewhere at some point…right?

(this moment of laughter took place in 2007)

I hope y'all have a good night!

Until next time ...

In HIS grace, Alisha 

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