Blessings, puppy love, projects, and sister smiles

I know I know .... what kind of blog title is that, right?  I didn't know what else to title this post ... and the current title entitles everything that this post contains haha.

This morning when I looked out my window ... this is what I saw:

an absolutely beautiful blanket of snow
isn't this a wonderful start to Thanksgiving?

sorry this picture was sooo dark - it's was 7am when I took it {not to mention I took it with my phone}

the view from our kitchen window ..... 
sidenote: I'm not a country girl nor will I ever be one.  I'm what you would call the average small town girl.  However, today was one of the days I could step back and say "Wow I'm glad I live in the country ... it's soooo beautiful in the winter time!!"

Puppy love:
If you haven't read my mom's blog, then allow me to introduce you to Nickerson.  However if you were to visit you would rarely hear him being called "Nickerson".  Around here he affectionatlely goes by the following:
 ...... and the list could go on hahah!

Anyway ..... he is our cute little 5 month old Husky/lab (oh yeah - we also call him huskador lol).  We all enjoy him so much .....

 He is quite the poser - oh and yes ... he was on my bed (in fact he is quite fond of being on my bed)

Nickerson is quite the love bug!  He loves being up really close to you, but he loves it even better if he can sit in your lap (no joke).  He also loves to give you kisses, sniff/lick your ears (he loves ears for some reason -  idk why lol).  But do not get down on the floor - once your down at his level ... well I have five words for you:

get . ready . to . be . pounced!


Today I finished sewing an infinity scarf :)
Sidenote: you can finish an infinity scarf in less than an hour .... but I ran out of time yesterday =/

I sewed an infinity scarf for Rhey's American Girl doll :)
Yesterday I made about three doll size infinity scarves .... yaaay to getting projects started and finished ;)

Toria has introduced me to a new form of creativity - typography!
I have found that it's the best way to end my morning Bible reading ;)
Do you like typography?

Sister smiles:
Ya know ... the past year or two, Rhey and I have grown so close.  Before I always looked at her as just my little sister.  Nothing more and nothing less.  I always used our age difference (6.5 years) as an excuse.  I was so concerned because I wouldn't be able to tell my kids stories about me and my best friend going out for coffee/tea/hot cocoa, sharing what books we're going thru in our Bibles and what we have learned, going shopping, going out for lunch, etc.  
Then God made me realize that I don't need to be concerned about having a best friend (like Mom had) ... I had Rhey.  The best friend I had been wanting/looking for was who I once shared a room with, still get caught committing "a crime" with (yes ... Rhey and I are partner's in crime haha), who comes up and gives me a big hug .... even when I don't want a hug at that exact moment.
My Lord made me realize that no I wont be able to tell my kids about a best friend like Mom had, instead when my kids ask me what my best friend's name was ... I can say "my best friend is your Aunt Rhey" ... what a testimony/legacy that will be for my kids and for Rhey's kids.
Rhey and I have yet to go out for coffe/hot cocoa (maybe I'll take her so she can try Starbuck's signature hot chocolate ;).  But we have enjoyed shopping together, going out for lunch and dinner, satisfying our cravings for frozen yogurt, and much more.

Okay ..... i'm done rambling haha ... here are the pictures ;)

love this girl!!!!

sister selfie out in the FREEEEZING COLD
Sidenote : this was after we played in the snow with Nickerson ;)

>>What projects have you started/accomplished?
>>Do you enjoy typography?
>>How's do you invest in your sister's life?

I would love to know what your answers to these questions are ;)

Until next time ...... Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!

In HIS grace, Alisha

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  1. Lovely pictures. The ones of your puppy are too cute! :)


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