September goals

I always like making goals - buut sometimes my goals are a little far fetched (just a little).  Anyone else have that problem??

So every January 1st I write out goals that I would like to accomplish - buut many times my goals from the previous year will be included in the new list.  Am I the only one?

*a new blog design {that's still in the air}. I've been wanting a new blog design ... one that looks professional, but if it doesn't happen this month ... hopefully it will happen either next month or sometime early 2015 (maybe).

*post more.  does there need to be any more said on this one lol? ;)

*exercise 3-4x a week. I was doing great in accomplishing this task ... buut ... oh well ... time to start fresh again!

*finish reading 'growing up duggar'. this book is so good--talk about rich and encouraging!!

*memorize 1 Corinthians 13. i used to have this memorized .... buut i honestly have forgotten it =/

*get caught up on letter writing. allow me to ingnore the fact that I have a letter from my dear friend in MI and my friend in Maine that is about a month and half old =/ ... sorry T! sorry Emmy!

*get up early consistently. my schedule is different now that I'm not working.  but i want to create a habit of getting up early ... so I can be more productive.  but this means that I can't stay up too late at night if I want to accomplish this.  although I do wear my 'night owl' badge with much pride lol.  Anyone else a night owl?

*journal more. I have gotten much better at journaling more this year, but still don't do it as often as I would like.

*finish 3+ books of the Bible.  I set this goal every month - so as usual I will be trying to finish as many books of the Bible for the month of September (while not reading in vain, but to attain knowledge).

*a surprise project.  if it's a surprise why would I tell you lol ;)

*get rid of a whole bunch of stuff (thank goodness for Goodwill).  I've been wanting to do this for a while, but just haven't done it.  it just something that needs to be done :)

*pull staples from the sub-floor in my bedroom.  while I'm gone in October, Mom and Dad will be putting wood floor down in my bedroom {yaaaay}.  however, if I want them to do this, I need to pull all the staples from the sub-floor {all the staples from when the carpet was down}.

*Do a photoshoot or two.  I love photography - in fact I wouldn't mind taking classes to improve. so hopefully the Lord will provide opportunities for me to do a couple.  rhey is sick and tired of me doing photoshoots with her lol!

So there you have it ... my September goals!  At the end of this month I will do a recap and let y'all know what I got accomplished :)

Until next time ....

In HIS grace, Alisha


  1. NO WAY!!! Basically everything that's on your list is on my list... the only difference is having to re-design our blog (I checked that off a while ago!), and the difference of books and bible chapters. I even have to pull the staples in my bedroom too (technically I had to pull the staples. I finished pulling today and started sanding the floors in the bedroom.)

    I think it's pretty ironic how your list is almost EXACTLY like mine!!! =D!!!!!!!!!!!!! So cool to see how people can be so much alike, even when they don't know each other! Kind of a strange thought... =D

    1. Wow ... that is pretty ironic =D!!!! Haha yes it is cool how people can be so much alike and yet go day-by-day and not know each other (and it is kinda a strange thought lol) =D

      Oh yeah staples ... haha I still have to do those =P lol ..... I honestly forgot about 'em haha (thanks for the reminder).

      I hope and pray that all you read on this blog is glorifying to our Maker ... and edifying to your soul =)


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