Then and now!

Okay, you may recall a post on how my dear friend and I met - through Practically Pink's apron swap in October 2009.

This month my dear friend was hosting a package swap that I of course entered (because I just love participating in stuff like that).

Below is a picture of the aporn she made me (and yes ... I still have it and wear it) :)

the apron my dear friend made me in October 2009

About five days after entering package swap she was hosting, I get an email telling me who my partner is.  Lo and behold .... my partner was my dear friend [squeals] .... the package shopping would be a piece of cake on my part (buuut not on her part lol ... )

So today I go to the mailbox and receive her pacakge.  And because I'm not a patient person lol, I hurry home and immediately open it.  I absolutely love everything she bought me ..... buuut I especially love the gift she made me :)

Below is handmade gift from my dear friend:

the pillow case she made me this year (August 2014)

It's hard for me to pick a favorite cuz everything was so lovely, really thoughtout, and just absolutely genuine - not to mention fun, ah-may-zing, and colorful :)  But the pillowcase was just an awesome gift ... one I will cherish forever :)

In HIS grace, Alisha


  1. Replies
    1. I didnt' like it ... I LOVED it lol!!! <3
      Looking forward to seeing you again!! (7 more weeks)!!!!!!!!

      Love you muches!
      ali-bug <3


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