Two day sister sleepover part 1

Friday night and Saturday night will consist of a whole bunch of fun for me and Rhey.  I will let the pictures below tell you what we are doing :)  Enjoy!!!

 coming up with ideas for our two nights of fun :)

I assure you this huge task will be accomplished ;)

 I got this paper decor from my sweet friend in Michigan.
However, I added my own "flair"......



 we really tried decorating with what we had on hand..........
so with pictures and Valentine's Day flowers (from Daddy), WE liked how it turned out!

These three pictures below are pictures showing progression.....the last picture in the frame is REALLY old lol

 I had to make this one....and the crying face is telling the truth.  It will be sad when our sleepover will come to an end!!!!!

Stay tuned for part 2!!!!!!!

In HIS grace, Alisha