Prep and Landing

The prep:

January 4, 2014

*pick out outfits
*find snow-pants
*put music on the Mp3 player
*pack a travel bag
*pack suitcase
*clean room

After all the prep I did, I didn't get to cleaning my room thoroughly......but it was clean.

Okay, so the prep wasn't that bad....until it came to packing a suitcase that was too small!
Have you ever seen the cartoons where the person is sitting on the suitcase, jumping on the suitcase, even standing on the suitcase, just to get it to zip close?  Yeah...that was me :P  
Mom - I did not stand on the suitcase [ just thought I'd clarify that :) ] 

January 5, 2014

I was so excited!  Not only was I headed to Michigan, but Rhey wanted me to go along to the American Girl store with her :)  WOW!!  Let me just say....I am so glad that I was able to go along and see the excitement in her before I left.  It made my day!!!!

After the American Girl store, we headed to the Baltimore Airport.....only to find out that my flights had been cancelled!!!!!!  It turned out that the big snow storm were affecting flights which meant flights weren't leaving Cleveland, Ohio until the 8th of January.
However thanks to the friendly lady at the ticket counter, I was able to be assigned a seat on a flight departing at 6:45 that night.  Now was the hard part....waiting. waiting. waiting. for the right moment to head through security and do some more waiting in order to board my flight.

I've only been on a plane one other time.....when Rhey and I flew to Colorado.  I love flying. absolutely love it!  Only this flight was a little different.....I was sitting between a woman snoring on my right and a kinda grumpy older man on my left.  Also, when the plane left Baltimore it was absolutely clear......I didn't think it was so bad.  But when I heard the pilot say that we were getting ready to land into the Detroit airport, I looked out the window....WOW there was a lot of snow.

The landing:

I called my dear friend and told her that I had landed.  She then told me to follow the crowd and I will easily get to the baggage claim.
Okay.....you would like to think that there would have been a crowd....but there wasn't.  And not only that....there were no signs for a while!  So while I was on the phone with her, this guy gave me directions.....how embarrassing!

Finally....I found the baggage claim....and my dear friend and her mother waiting for me.  After giving each other a really big hug and meeting her mother, giving her a hug, and meeting her brother and giving him a side hug, we grabbed my bag and headed out.....prepared to have the time of my life :)

Stay tuned for "Sweet Fellowship part 1"

In HIS grace, Alisha

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