What I'm up to lately

Lately I've been up to:

1. Learning Carelton Forrester's redition of "Amazing Grace"
2. Getting ready to get my license in 2 weeks
3. Figuring out what I'm doing for my bday (it's a surprise...Momma and Daddy wont tell me)
4. Texting my good friend who lives 8 hours away
5. Trying  to get school done so I can take my bday off
6. Writing friends who live to far for us to meet one another
7. Having fun with my new Android Tablet :D
8. Memorizing 1 John
9. Trying to loose weight before our church camp meeting that's taking place May 20-24 (please pray for me!!!)
10. Trying to learn how to be content with being single in this season of my life!
11. Reading Malachi, Zephaniah, Proverbs, Psalms
12. I just finished the book of Ruth
13. Reading "Do Hard Things" and "The Vow"
14. Volunteering at the local library
15. Giving an interest I have in a certain someone to the Lord...(I encourage every young lady to do this...if you don't, your interest will consume everything you do)
16. Taking a break from photography [place gasp here]
17. Playing my heart out on the piano
18. Taking one day at a time

What have you been up to?  Leave a comment and let me know ;)

Love from,



  1. Awww, love texting you, too!! :) Except I have to say I *ahem* didn't follow the rules for dinner. whoops. Temptation from bbq chicken and asparagus was waaaaay too strong. ;) Oh well, back to smoothies and eggs for breakfast tomorrow. lol

    Love you muches, Ali-Bugsie!

    1. Oh, what am I going to do with you girl? :P Why did you have to tell me what you had...now I'm craving it lol (at least the bbq chicken). I'm going to have the biggest temptation in front of me tonight...chicken fried rice...[place stomach grumble here]. Oh well...this is all worth it, right? ;)

      Love you bunches too!

  2. Let me know when you're driving.... Ill stay home :D haha I don't even get my learners for another year ;(

    1. haha...very funny! :D You let ME know when you get your learner's...alright! Then I'LL stay off the roads :P

      PS. I'm not a horrible driver :D

    2. I know :D you're probably fantastic lol all I know is when my and I race on the arcade games he crashes his car 100 times the amount I do. Apparently I can drive good if I'm going fast hehehehe


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