What life is like without a piano

Every day that passes by, and you look at the space where your "best friend" is going to be, you're on the verge of crying. Why?  Maybe it's because you just started working on the good ol' hymns.  Maybe it's because it doesn't feel like a true day without your fingers touching those ivory keys.  So you have to default to this:

Everyday that passes and it feels like your day is incomplete.  You know deep down that you have forgotten to do "something", by you don't want to admit to yourself what that "something" is.  Why?  Maybe it's because you have never been away from the piano longer than what it takes to get from Iowa to Texas.  Maybe it's because you've been playing this most wonderful instrument for about 10 years now.  Maybe it's because you truly have  a love/passion for the piano, and you have a desire to strengthen this talent that God has given you.  Maybe it's because you know your day is incomplete when you find the picture below a comfort and it makes you sigh:

So now y'all know how I truly feel about not having a piano (we will hopefully be moving the piano over to the new house sometime this week).

Love from,


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