My bday wasn't over!!!

The last post I published was on Monday....I had no idea what was in store for me!!

Monday afternoon Daddy and I went to District Court, and had my last name changed.  Now I don't have my bio last name starring me in the face.

When Daddy got home he told me it was time to go driving.  I don't have my license yet...I will probably be getting it late April early May.  Now let me explain something to you...Daddy never takes me driving before dinner.  Why?  Let me just say that when he get's hungry he starts getting a lil' cranky :P  Anyway...Daddy and I left at about 5:15 and drove all over!  I had no clue what was going on, but Daddy didn't lead on to anything!

Meanwhile, back at home, Momma, Syd, and Ian were decorating the house with party decorations.  Early that morning, Momma had started preparing dinner early.  Not thinking straight, I thought she was getting ahead so we could have a full night of family time.  Nope...I was wrong...

...at 5:45 all of our church family started arriving at our house.  However, driving past our house, you would have never guessed that we had probably 20-25 guests at our house.  Well...the cars would give it away!  Oh no...the families parked at the local Burger King, so it wouldn't be evident that we had guests!

At 6:15 (Daddy and I were late) we got to our house.  When I opened the door, everyone inside yelled "SURPRISE"!  I kid you not, I must have experienced a mini heart-attack in our doorway.  I was speechless!  Not to mention was I...well surprised and sort of startled.  Sadly no pictures were taken...sorry :(

I was told that Monday night was indeed the end!  Needless to say, I had the best 18th birthday in the world!  I also enjoyed seeing my friend Morgan for the last time until this coming Wednesday, due to her leaving for KY so she could see her man :D

Sorry there were no pictures to post from the surprise party!  I hope y'all have a great Friday!!!!

Love from,



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  2. Hey I wanted to know... Are u hosting another 31 party anytime soon?

  3. That sounds awesome!!

    Does Morgan have a blog?


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