Birthday blessings

Surprises...I absolutely love surprises!  Now I will admit, I may try to find out what it is, but I love the feeling you get when you are getting closer to finding out what it is :D  April 5th I celebrated my 18th birthday, which was the most memorable day of my life!  I hope you all enjoy all the pictures I've posted :P

April 3: We went to church, and had the most incredible service ever!  Preacher felt led to allow everyone give testimony of what the Lord has been doing in their lives.  Our unintended revival service was 2 hours and 15 minutes of nothing but lifting the Lord up in praises and thanksgiving.  At the end, everyone was crying, hugging each other, telling them how much they loved the other person.  While my friend played "Amazing Grace" during the altar call, I became a blood-bought child of the LORD!

April 4: I spent all day cleaning my very messy room...Mom said it needed to be done before the next day.  After that, Momma, lil' D, Sydney and I went to the mall after picking Ian up from school.  While we were there, we three ladies got our Bibles inscribed.  Then we went to Bath & Body Works...Ian loved it there (the only reason he loved it, was because he was able to put on some of the cologne Momma bought for Daddy).  Then Sydney and I were dropped off at the library, we were asked to do the puppet show :D  When that was over, it was back home to finish up my room!

Now it's time for the pictures to speak for themselves :D  Enjoy!!

 Yes...this lil' man was wearing my sunglasses :P

 Sydney...she is such a beautiful young lady!

Me, Sydney, and lil' D on our way to Pigeon Forge, TN
(for those of you wondering...we had no clue where we were going)

We finally arrived in Pigeon Forge...the three of us were so surprised.  We were even more surprised when we turned into the parking lot of the....

Dixie Stampede...that's right my parents had bought tickets to this awesome dinner theater!!

More pictures from the Dixie Stampede:

Me and Momma...I don't know why people say we look alike :P

The host of that night's show

The show really got Syd's attention...it was full of horses.  In case you were wondering, Sydney is a true horse fanatic :P

What we had for dinner...it was yummy!

The end of the show...the song Dolly Parton sung was beautiful

Outside of the Dixie Stampede:

 Me and my hero...I love him so much!

We wore our church sweatshirts while we were in Pigeon Forge.  It is truly amazing at how people respond to somebody wearing a long skirt and scripture on their back.

The next day was just as exciting as the day before!  We all went to Wonder Works (which sort of like a children's museum) and then we went to Marble Slab Creamery!

We went to IHop for breakfast...

...well, everyone except for me...I had lunch :P

Yes...this house is indeed upside down...you aren't just seeing things :P

 I love this girl!  And no, it may seem like she's choking me, but she was just giving me a hug around the neck :P  No choking was allowed on my 18th bday!

 All of us tried out the bed of nails...Daddy, Momma, Sydney and lil' D said it hurt.  It didn't hurt...even my friend said that it felt uncomfortable to him, I agree!


 Lil' D loved the bubble room...as you can tell :P

 And after this outing...our sweet indulgence :D

Mine was birthday cake ice cream (appropriate for the occasion) with Heath Bar and Reeses Pieces
If you haven't been to Marble Slab Creamery before, I encourage you to go...it is yummy!

Well...there you have it...as you can see my 18th birthday was fabulous :D

Love from,



  1. Wonderworks is the best!!! We went last year and had a blast! Can't wait to see if we're going sometime again! And btw tell Syd I said hi! She really does look older than just the last time I saw her...

    1. I can't wait to go again too...and we just got back :P Syd says "hi"! She does look older doesn't she? Well she will be 12 in August...she's getting old...don't tell her I said that LOL :P

    2. Haha sheesh! If she's getting old... What does that make me??? I can't even drive yet but I'm almost ancient! It wouldn't hurt to grow a few more inches tho...


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