The Rivercrest boys

It all at a summer camp in Fremont, Nebraska. The name of this camp was Camp Rivercrest. This was honestly a really fun camp to spend a week or two with new friends and learning about our Savior. 
 One might say, “Camp Rivercrest draws you nearer to God” 
while another might say, “your whole time their you want to have revenge on the boys!”

 Honestly you do draw closer to God, but you also despise the fact that the camp is a boy/girl camp...when you only get three hours of sleep.  I learned this the hard way at nine years old!

One fine night in cabin 2, my friend Claire and I decided to have a sleepover on Claire's bunk. Claire was my age, and basically my best camp buddy! The night we decided to have a sleepover was also the night the boys decided to be...well boys! At 1:00 in the morning Claire and I woke up to, “Wake up girls! Rise and shine!” Now the counselor my cabin mates and I had that year was an awesome counselor! Until she was woken up to stuff like what the boys pulled off.

Claire and I take all we learned in Chapel the previous day, and start asking God to deal with the little things. Both of us were down on our knees begging God to make the boys go away. Finally at 1:45 in the morning the boys leave!  However, we had trouble going back to sleep (gee I wonder why?).  So instead of counting sheep or our blessings, we whisper and quietly laugh at each others jokes. Suddenly I hear Claire say, “Ali-cat the door knobs moving!” I tell her that she is going insane...until I hear, “Shhh you're gonna wake up Christi!” After the two girls pray, they hear the screen door slam. However the cabin 2 boys were not gone...in fact this is how the conversation went outside:

(Jeremiah=counselor Brian=Jonathan's 11 year old brother Jonathan=Brian's 12 year old brother)

Jeremiah: Jonathan, Brian, you've got the supplies?
Jonathan: Yup we've got them! Who do we irritate?
Brian: Let's do Claire and Ali-cat...they're the funniest in the whole cabin, they should be fun to watch!
Jeremiah: Good idea

So they sneak into the cabin and put shaving cream on my hand. Just when the three guys think they have pulled a prank on Claire and I, I rubbed the shaving cream all over Jonathan's face. Let me just say that the boys never pulled this stunt again!

So...what did you think?  This was a work of non-fiction...however I couldn't remember the male counselors name.  So that is the only thing that is not true!!!

Serving HIM,

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