Our Saturday blessing

My mom grew up in a family where the world evolved around one word...
...sports...but not just any sport..football!

Does her family still like football?  I would say so.  Allow me to explain...

Mom went to football games her 4 years of High School (in fact she was a cheerleader one year and in the drill team the rest of the time), my uncle was in football when he was in High School, my grandpa watches football, my cousin (who is also a Junior in High School) plays Varsity, etc.

Now for me...well let me just put it this way...I had never been to a football game in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I ever been associated with this sport?  Sure I have, but in the past I couldn't say I understood it.  Sure I've "played" football (two hand touch football), and going to your friends football game in Middle School doesn't count because I didn't even watch game, I'm not going to count watching the Shiloh Eagles vs. the Richland Giants either, and I don't think I can count the football game "I watched" on TV last September when I visited my grandparents in IA.

Thinking that I would never have the memory of going to a football game, I was beginning to envy those I knew who did go to football games (like my two good friends we went to the game with).  I know being envious is wrong!  But I have every right to be...because I'm an uneducated, inexperienced, deprived 17 year old home-school Junior in High School (yeah right)!

Friday we were blessed by our friends giving us three football tickets...God is so good!  Which means that yesterday Daddy, Sydney, and I were able go to our first football game, while Mama had some well deserved mama time!  I couldn't believe it...I would actually have the game explained to me by a friend who had been going to football games for awhile, I would have the memory of my first football game to share with my (Lord-willing) future children {much like Mama does with her memories of drill team}, not mention I was able to go to my first football game with Daddy, Sydney, and our friends.

Daddy let me take his camera so I could get tons of pictures...yeah that didn't happen...I was too busy watching the game.  Luckily Daddy took pictures of the three of us...here are two of them:

Without us knowing, Daddy captured pictures of us talking.  I had mentioned doing a "funny picture", but the guys mentioned they didn't do "funny" pictures.  That's okay these "funny" pictures may not have been posed, but they made me chuckle!

To make a long football story short...our team won the game by 1 point with 6 seconds left in the game!!  Let me just say that we were extremely happy afterward :D

Hey gang -
thank you so much for the wonderful time yesterday...I enjoyed it immensely!  It was great to have the game explained to me, and to watch it with great friends like you all.  

Serving HIM,

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