if you met me...

{inspired by Beloved Star}

If you met me (depending on who you are) I would give you either a handshake or a big hug

If you met me you would notice that I don't make great eye contact, even when I get to know you (please don't ask why)

If you met me you would realize from the very start that I like to ask a zillion questions: I like to hear about your hobbies, convictions, etc. :D

If you met me you would realize from the very start that with me strangers never exist

If you met me I would play you a song on the piano

If you met me I would try to convince you that the piano is the best instrument to learn how to play

If you met me I would invite you to bake some delicious goodies together and show you how to make a pumpkin latte

If you met me you would find me in a long skirt, a looser fitting shirt and my hair would most likely be in a ponytail

If you met me you would find me constantly smiling

If you met me know that there would (at times) be an awkward silence

If you met me you would soon realize that I love to talk and that I have a bubbly personality :D

If you met me know that I would do my best to make you feel at home

If you met me we would discuss all the things we have in common: whether it be favorite Bible verses/hobbies/TV shows/etc.  You name we would discuss it :D

If  you met me I would give you a tour of my home sweet home

If you met me I would most likely turn on Southern Gospel music and we would attempt to sing for the glory of our Father

If you met me know that I am by no means normal

If you met me you would find out very soon that I am very clumsy

If you met me I would "drag" you outside to do a photo-shoot and hope to have a good ole time with my new friend

If you met me we would most likely talk about the things we hope will one day be accomplished :P

If you met me I would ask you if you would want to make cards with me

If you met me we would go outside and make macrame necklaces

If you met me we would most likely do each others hair (and maybe give each other a little make-over)

If you met me I would most definitely invite you to my church and then enjoy more fellowship afterwards

If you met me know that we may just go to the nearby mall and window shop :D

If you met me know that you weren't placed in my life by mere accident.  I believe that there are no mistakes when God wants certain people to meet!

Now, if I were to meet you what would it be like?
Do tell!!

Serving HIM,


  1. Hey!!
    I really like the way you would be if i met you!! You sound just like my type of person! jaja i love to do those things too! Wish we could meet someday.... Would like to tell you what I would be like if you met me, but it is too long to write right here... :) God bless! -A Friend From Across the World

    1. maybe someday we will meet...what is your name?

  2. Hey! I've met you and haven't got to enjoy half of that stuff!!! :P
    -m :D

  3. Hi! This is the first time I've seen your blog, and what a perfect post to find! :) We have a lot alike...for instance, when I meet you, I would definitely most likely give you a handshake or hug. I would also probably bring up Lord of the Rings almost in the next 5 minutes. I would ask the weirdest and randomest questions. The list could continue. I think we need to meet in real life! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    In Christ,

    1. i would love to meet you too lily...

      thanks for stopping by my blog too :D

  4. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and realize that we have a lot in common!(:

  5. Anonymous -
    welcome to my blog...I pray that you will be touched by what you read & that the light of Christ is reflected by what you read here.

    Again here's a HUGE welcome from the south!!

    Love from,

    1. I am and I enjoy your blog. I am from down south too!(:


    could you tell me a little bit about yourself?

    i LOVE to learn a lil' bit about my readers...if you don't feel comfortable, i understand!

    1. I'm 18. I come from a homeschooling family of 8 kids(: I live in the south also and I love photography, reading, and any outdoor activity! I'm the second oldest and the oldest girl. I can't cook but I do love to bake(:

  7. WOW...we do have things in common :D I too love: photography & reading! I also love to play the piano, bake, swim, card-making (however I don't do a lot of that because of school). I too can't cook, but like you said I love to bake.

    Where in the south do you live & what's your name?

  8. My name is Madison. But I don't feel comfortable putting where I live(:

    1. Well it is nice to meet you Madison...what are some of your convictions?

      Would your parents feel comfortable with you emailing me...you can contact me through my "contact me" page. I don't feel comfortable with putting my email out in public.

  9. well I don't believe in courtship but I do believe in saving yourself and your heart for the one God has for you. You can check out my blog if you'd like and I don't think my parents would mind me emailing you.

    1. Yeah go ahead and send me an email...I love to meet young women my age and see if we have *a lot* in common...it sounds like we do :D


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