December 27, 2005 is a night I will never forget

Eight years ago, I made the most important decision any nine year old could ever make...saving my self physically and emotionally - for the one God has for me.  Looking back now, I am so glad that I made the decision!  My parents have been a tremendous help with helping me through the tough times life throws at me.  Daddy has read the book: Before You Meet Prince Charming by Sarah Mally with me. In her book Miss Sarah explains the dangers about dating and having a boyfriend. This book is the perfect book for all the girls who want to remain pure. It gives advice when you find yourself daydreaming about a boy that has caught your attention. It has encouraged me in the choice I have made in purity.

In case you all are wondering here is my purity story:

My parents were never raised in a home that uplifted purity or salvation.  They were encouraged to leave home at 18, get a boyfriend right away, etc.  That's all they ever knew, until December 27, 2005 when I was about nine years old.  My family and I were invited to a wedding (it was actually our pastor's daughter's wedding).  I noticed that the bride was swinging her arms around, snapping her fingers, and not able to hold still, until her dad said: "You may now kiss the bride."  I asked my mom why the bride was so fidgety and she told me that kiss was the brides first kiss, and continued to tell me that purity, to the bride, was extremely important. It was that night I made a vow to the Lord that I would not kiss a boy until my wedding day.



  1. Excellent decision, Ali! You will never regret it. I made the same decision, but it was many years ago. I was 28 when I married - never dated, never kissed my husband-to-be until after marriage. We've been married 32 years now, and our children want the same purity for their own lives and marriage. Praise God!

    I see that our blog in on your sidebar, and I'm wondering how you found us. Have you been reading MM long?

  2. God bless you, Ali!! I wish every girl would make the same decision!! Somewhere out there a young man has made the same decision and when the Lord sees fit he will bring you together and neither one of you will ever regret your decision!! -A Friend Across the World.


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