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What About Crushes?

(not to reader: I do not think I have the right answer to this topic … or any others I write about. This is something I’m passionate about, and want to share my thoughts with you. I am not bashing any groups of people in any way. We all live our lives according to what we think is right)

Crushes. The seven letter word that has different meanings to different groups of people.
To some having a crush is looked down upon. Considered an absolute abomination. They tell their child that if they ever have a crush, then they need to go to God and ask for forgiveness.

To some, crushes are a natural part of life. I guess it could be as natural as the rainfall.

It’s something that parents somewhat look forward to in their child’s life … and what they also regret to come to fruition. They encourage their child to give it to God and not to dwell on their crush.

Then you’ve got the people who long for the day their child has a crush on someone. The parents (along with other family members) enco…

20 Ideas that Should Be On Your Bucket List

#1 Have a better relationship with God

#2 Use your gifts for the Lord
#3 Lead someone to Christ
#4 Read the Bible in a year
#5 Spend a day alone with God
#6 Travel
#7 Keep a journal
#8 Dance in the rain
#9 Build a blanket fort
#10 Be a better person
#11 Go on an adventure with your sibling(s)
#12 Write a letter to yourself and open it in ten years
#13 Live a life you're proud of
#14 Finish everything on your bucket list
#15 Shake a soldier's hand
#16 Give 100 in one day
#17 Leave an inspirational message for someone
#18 Meet new people
#19 Do things you've never done before
#20 Be genuinely happy

What is on your bucket list for 2017? Comment below, I love hearing from YOU ;)