Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Dear Daddy,
I pray that today you are shown just how important and special you truly are.  God has molded you into an amazing man after His heart!  I'm very proud to call you Daddy :)

For the past 17 years you have been my hero, my confidant, and my best friend.  Who would have thought that Father's Day 2016 I would be celebrating you all the way in West Africa?!

Enjoy your day Daddy!!!!!

I love you and miss you very much!

Ali <3


  1. Happy Father's Day, Mr. Bonnell! Ali has told me lots about you, and I look forward to meeting you one day! Lucy, gr8 post! luv ya more!
    Clo, Is. 53:5, #UNASHAMED, heresclo.blogspot.com, YouTube channel-Clo Hale

  2. Loved the post, although I'm super behind on commenting! LOL! :D


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