The Time Has Come!!!!

With my departure a week and a half away, I think it's time that I let y'all know what my mission blog is lol.  It just dawned on me not too long ago that I had forgotten to share with everyone the link to my mission blog haha.  I apologize about that - my mind has been elsewhere ;p

I will not be updating Alisha In Progress for the next three and a half months.  So if you'd like to keep informed about me, my life, my mission trip, my epic adventures in West Africa, etc., then subscribe to my mission blog!  You will never miss a post - and you can see what I'm up to :)

Look forward to keepin' in touch with y'all!!!

Until September ..............



  1. Replies
    1. Beth,
      Look forward to hearin' from you while I'm gone :)

      Love ya sis!
      Ali <3

  2. Hey Ali!
    I will totally follow your mission blog, I didn't know you had it! Is it new? I know you must be super excited about the trip, it's coming up really fast! I hope you will spend lots of time with Rhey before you leave, she said she's really going to miss you! Praying for you!

  3. YAY!!!!!!!! I'm sure ur happy to be going (FINALLY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~Raesha Hale (aka Reya Shalom:)


  4. WILL BE CHECKING OUT UR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i already miss ya, dahling! but i'll be following ya!!
    God Bless!!!!!!
    Clo, Is. 53:5, #UNASHAMED, heresclo.blogspot.com, YouTube channel-Clo Hale


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