"Say Goodbye" - Mandisa

During my three mile walk two days ago, I came across a song {Say Goodbye} by Mandisa (love her songs) and it made me think ... I love when songs make me think :)

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here! {2 Corinthians 5:17}
When we are made new in Christ, we need to put what we used to be behind us.  No matter what our past mistakes be, no matter how much we hate what we use to be like.  We need to "say goodbye" to who we once were, and embrace who we are in Him.

Enjoy this song by Mandisa - I hope you are greatly encouraged as much as I am when I listen to it! :)


You Won't Be Happy ...

I just found out the other night that the internet is not reliable where I'll be.  I may be able to email, but not often.  But to post a blog post - yeah it's not gonna be possible.  So I will be taking a three and a half month blogging break.  But have no fear ... when I come back in September, I will have a ton of pictures to share and stories to post.
So sorry for the disappointment, I wasn't expecting this to happen.

For those of you wanting to keep in touch by email, I should be able to email every now and then.

So for now I say "goodbye, and 'see' ya in September!"


The Time Has Come!!!!

With my departure a week and a half away, I think it's time that I let y'all know what my mission blog is lol.  It just dawned on me not too long ago that I had forgotten to share with everyone the link to my mission blog haha.  I apologize about that - my mind has been elsewhere ;p

I will not be updating Alisha In Progress for the next three and a half months.  So if you'd like to keep informed about me, my life, my mission trip, my epic adventures in West Africa, etc., then subscribe to my mission blog!  You will never miss a post - and you can see what I'm up to :)

Look forward to keepin' in touch with y'all!!!

Until September ..............



18 Days and Countin'

Alright y'all ... it's finished.  The immunizations are completed, passport is awaitin' the moment to be stamped, visa has been retrieved, funds are comin' in at just the right time (thanks to my awesome Lord), and suitcases will be gettin' packed real soon :)

To say that I'm elated ... that's an understatement (and already known).  To say that I'm not nervous about take-off ... haha that would be a lie.  To say that I'm anxious to see what God does ... wouldn't anyone who's heeding the call of God be anxious??

Through all of this, I have learned some valuable lessons (as is the case with life in general).

1. God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called
2. When you pray for Him to work, don't doubt!
3. Mission trip prep is a great way for God to teach you patience
4. Find out asap if there is a Yellow Fever Vaccine shortage.  If there is, make an appointment in advance
5. Fear cannot exist in your heart when preparing for a mission trip
6. Immunizations are a great way to get over your fear of needles/shots
7. The thought of packing for a three and a half month mission trip does indeed cause you to stress
8. Taking a road trip with your sibling is a great way to rest your mind
9. Don't be afraid to ask others to pray for you.
10. When it seems like the funds have stopped, be still and wait.  God knows what you need, when you need it.
11. Crying, wanting to be alone, and being short tempered is apparently natural.  However, that doesn't make it right.  Cry as often as you can, force yourself to be with your family, and give lots of hugs (I'm preaching to myself on this one y'all.  Gotta practice what I preach lol)
12. Don't be afraid to admit to your friends and family what you are most nervous, excited, or anxious about.

When packing commences, I'll take pictures and post them :)


Dear Younger Me

image from Pixabay

Dear Younger Me,

You don't realize it, but you have been placed in the home God wants you to be raised in.  Where you are right now at this moment in life is not a mistake.

God is guiding your parents in how to raise you.  They have no idea how to raise you in the fear of the Lord, purity, or modesty.  They are simply relying on God's guidance and guidance from Scripture.  All they know is that they want you to have better than they had at your age.

As you're coming into your teen years, the devil will bring temptations your way.  Don't lose sight of what you know to be true, just, right, and pleasing.  Keep standing strong in your faith.

If your parents say “no” to youth group, it's not because they don't love you, don't want you to have friends, or don't want you to have fun.  It's because they care for you, want you to be protected, and want you to be around people who build you up in your faith.  Don't blame God.  He's laid the choice on your parent's hearts … He knows what's best for you.

At fifteen you may meet a young man who will woo you with sweet words.  Don't lower your standards.  If he only knows ho to woo you with his words, and not through his faith, then he's not worthy of your time (nor your heart).  Keep looking ahead with your purity in mind.  Don't give up … your purity is so precious!

At sixteen you may run into deep trouble.  You won't know how to get out of the deep pit you dug for yourself.  Don't be afraid to run to your daddy for shelter.  He loves you to infinity and beyond.  He wants his baby girl to look to him as her confidant.
At this age you may feel like your life isn't worth living.  Don't listen to this lie the devil puts in your head.  Your life is totally worth living because God has you here for a reason.

Sweet girl, it is in your teen years that you have a choice to make.  The choice between trust vs. self-will.  Will you trust your Lord with your life and future?  Or will you take control and lead your own life?
I pray that you choose to allow the Lord lead your life and future.

I remember my teen years.  I took my life into my own hands and ruined those five years of my life.  I got into all the things I mentioned above.  I attempted to take my own life … however, through a miracle, God saved me.  

Dear girl, please trust God and don't lose sight of Him in these critical years of your life.

“Trust and obey, for there's no other way.”


A Sister Road Trip

Two weeks ago, Rhey and I had the time of our lives.  We were given the opportunity to visit some friends of ours in Kentucky.  Instead of rambling on and on about the trip, I'll allow the pictures to do the talkin'.  Oh and there's a video at the end too!!  Enjoy ;)

Group pictures are always the greatest!!!

Shopping trips with Clo were the greatest :)

A trip to the park where swinging contests were held & a game of sardines was played.  Memories, memories, memories :D

Our last day there, Beth, Chloe, Rhey, and I had some "girl time" on the top of an abandoned caboose (snacks and slushies were in enjoyed)

(due to an unseen event, we had to finish our snacks on the ground lol)

And here's a video the wonderful Chloe made :)