Chris Tomlin's New Music Video

Picture of Chris Tomlin from Pinterest

I have always loved Chris Tomlin's music, so when the opportunity to promote his new video ... haha I may have jumped for joy ;)

<< You can find the video on YouTube

<< You can get the song on iTunes

Ooooh and don't miss the chance to enter into Mr. Tomlin's giveaway ;)

If you are interested in the story behind the song, here it is:
We all have a picture of who we think God is. When we get down to the foundation of what we believe, the truth is that God is exactly who He says He is – a good, good Father.

Do you like Chris Tomlin?
Which of his songs do you like?
What did you think of his new video?
Comment and tell me, I'd love to hear from you ;) 


  1. I have been singing the song, Good Good Father all day:) I haven't seen the video but will have to look it up

  2. i luv his song Good Good Father...i know what my fav of his is...just can't think of the name right now!! lolol
    Is. 53:5


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