July goals + recap

Yeeeah so I haven't been keeping up with posting the goals + recaps like I used to, buuut I plan to start doing them again :)

Here were my July goals (recap is included)

*Blog more - so glad I can knock this off the list ;)

*Journal more - yeah this month I have not written in my journal AT. ALL :(

*Read Proverbs - Yeah I know I finish it every month, buuut hey - Proverbs is full of "hidden treasures"!!!

*Help in VBS - complete - served as the VBS photographer {pictures coming soon!}

*Take more pictures - I will try to post the pictures I've taken as soon as I can

*Write 1-2 letters a week. I actually got really behind in this ... totally forgot this one was even on the list ... I'm caught up now though lol :P

*Do some reading - I haven't read as much as I'd like, but I have read a couple books.

Hey, not bad - I knocked more off this list than my past list!!!

So now for my August goals :

* Plan an event

*Read two books

*Journal more

*Blog more

*Take more pictures

*Do a tutorial

What are some goals that you have for the month of August?

In HIS grace, Alisha

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  1. Before I moved, I had a friend encourage me to journal all the ways God had been working during this transition- and I am so very grateful that she did! Truly. You won't regret it. Take the time to journal. <3 It's something I like to do in the evenings- like I mentioned in my last blog post- and it's a written record of God's faithfulness in my life!

    Love you much!


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