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Hey People! 

I'm Eden from Eden's Evaluations and a huge thank you to Alisha for asking me to participate in her blog birthday!!! (Happy Birthday to your blog, btw! ;))

When it comes to taking pictures of an outfit... I'm really bad at it! Like... seriously bad at it! I guess I don't like to take the time to pose or anything...? I don't know. ;) Anyway, I attended a wedding this past week and made sure that I got someone to take pictures of my outfit.  Annnnnd after looking at them, I was like, wow, I look awkward! But hey, whatever. ;)
THUMBS UP for awkward poses people!
Ok, so this is the overall look of the outfit, pretty simple! Dress, flats, and earrings.  Since it was a simple, summer, and outdoor wedding, I didn't really want to over do it. (Plus, the drive was over an hour... yeah...)

Um... an awkward "the sun is in my eyes hurry up and take the picture" picture.
Another full shot of the outfit. :)

And yes, these are my shoes. :) I really would've preferred to wear heels, but currently, the only "wedding appropriate" shoes I own right now, are these. ;)

Dress: Sorella Bella ~ Click HERE to read my review on it.
 Shoes: Thrift Store
Earrings: Gift 

My hair... um yeah, ok so I had a really bad hair day that day.  Think a combination of freshly washed (i.e. slippery) and lots of humidity. (I'm letting that sink in for a minute... yeah you get the picture. ;)) But yeah, I french braided it on one side, and twisted on the other side, and joined it in the back.  For makeup, I kept it pretty simple with a my normal routine plus a sparkly nude eye, a bit of silver eye liner, and mascara. :)

And this picture, yes I had to throw it in. ;) That's my older sister Bethany and I, we love making the best of every moment. ;) 

So that's it! I hope you all enjoyed that! Thanks again to Alisha for hosting me! Be sure to check out my blog at Eden's Evaluations for giveaways, reviews, modest fashion, hair tutorials, and more. :) Don't forget to leave me a comment if you visit! <3 <3 


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  1. You are a lovely girl Eden! You have such a pretty taste of outfits. You could almost wear that pretty blue dress to a 1940's party or something like that!



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