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Blessings, puppy love, projects, and sister smiles

I know I know .... what kind of blog title is that, right?  I didn't know what else to title this post ... and the current title entitles everything that this post contains haha.
Blessings: This morning when I looked out my window ... this is what I saw:

an absolutely beautiful blanket of snow isn't this a wonderful start to Thanksgiving?
sorry this picture was sooo dark - it's was 7am when I took it {not to mention I took it with my phone}
the view from our kitchen window .....  sidenote: I'm not a country girl nor will I ever be one.  I'm what you would call the average small town girl.  However, today was one of the days I could step back and say "Wow I'm glad I live in the country ... it's soooo beautiful in the winter time!!"
Puppy love: If you haven't read my mom's blog, then allow me to introduce you to Nickerson.  However if you were to visit you would rarely hear him being called "Nickerson".  Around here he affectionatle…

Outward beauty vs. inner beauty : the constant battle

I have a question for you:

Is outward beauty more important that inner beauty?
I have been asking myself for a little over a month now ... why?  Perhaps it's because I see people around me taking more care in how they look, rather than what the state of their heart is.  Perhaps it's because I witness people around me entering into relationships only because the other is extremely handsome or extremely beautiful.  What ever the reason is, the question still remains, which is more important?
Before I reveal the answer, why don't we a little study on what inner beauty is shall we.  Then we will see what the Bible says about inner beauty, and that should tell us which one is important.  Let's begin ;)
What is inner beauty? This is a question that I have always stumbled on in answering .... am I the only one?  If you were to have asked my friend's little sister (which I didn't intend to do when she was 5) you will get an answer like this (the young girl took the ques…

Being in full surrender

Growing up, I heard all of our pastors say, “in order to get the most out of your faith, you need to be in full surrender” and that's where they would stop. They wouldn't explain what it meant to be in full surrender. They didn't explain why I needed to be in full surrender. I was just left on my own, to figure the rest out, and if I find it … great, and if not … oh well, at least I tried, right? This was one topic (out of quite a few) that I decided that I wouldn't ask God to reveal to my what it meant to be in full surrender, and why it was important. I simply figured …. “if God wants me to learn what it means and why it's important, then He'll reveal it to me on His own. He doesn't need me to ask Him.”
[pause for a moment]
I know, I know … what kind of mindset is that?
To be honest … as of lately, I have been having a hard time coping with a “trial” my family and I have been going through. This “trial” has really put a damper on my faith … like a lo…

Time to catch y'all up!

I apologize for the quietness that has overcome this blog ...... and I can't even blame a busy schedule this time =/  But now is the fun part of getting y'all caught up ;)
November Goals:
*read "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan
*Finish reading "Sacred Singleness" by Leslie Ludy
*Finish reading "Passion and Purity" by Elisabeth Elliot
*Finish reading Psalms
*exercise 3-4x a week
*memorize Scripture
*work out any rough spots in the new schedule I have made for myself
*blog more
Faith life: recently I read in Leslie Ludy's book "Sacred Singleness" that full surrender is extremely important in the life of a single young lady (and in the life of every Christian) [more on this to come]! Currently in my Bible reading I am finishing up Psalms (yaaay) and I read the daily Proverb + another book (in God's word) that I've been wanting to read.
My dear friend Kelsey and I are doing a Bible study together ..... praise God, and we are currently st…