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Then and now!

Okay, you may recall a post on how my dear friend and I met - through Practically Pink's apron swap in October 2009.
This month my dear friend was hosting a package swap that I of course entered (because I just love participating in stuff like that).
Below is a picture of the aporn she made me (and yes ... I still have it and wear it) :)
the apron my dear friend made me in October 2009
About five days after entering package swap she was hosting, I get an email telling me who my partner is.  Lo and behold .... my partner was my dear friend [squeals] .... the package shopping would be a piece of cake on my part (buuut not on her part lol ... )
So today I go to the mailbox and receive her pacakge.  And because I'm not a patient person lol, I hurry home and immediately open it.  I absolutely love everything she bought me ..... buuut I especially love the gift she made me :)
Below is handmade gift from my dear friend:
the pillow case she made me this year (August 2014)
It's ha…

Don't let doubt destroy your faith

Three years ago my dear friend asked me to pray for her older brother Ryan, who was (and still is) going through a constant battle .... the constant battle of cancer.  Her older brother has been diagnosed with Angiosarcoma.  Three years of constant praying.  Three years of feeling like you know him personally.  Three years of updates on him.  Three years of what seemed to be an endless battle.  Three years of reading his website for updates (because you don't want to constantly ask your dear friend for updates, because you can sense hurt in her voice).

And all of a sudden, there is a glimpse of hope!  According to the PET/CT he is cancer free!  Tears of joy run down my face.

"Thank you Father for Your healing power!"
Then a few days later my heart sinks.  My joy is no longer.  My tears are not of joy, but of sorrow.

The MRI made evident a spot about 1.6 cm on his brain.

"Why Lord!  Why did it have to come to this?!  Why couldnt the MRI come back cancer free!!"

Is she really 13???????

Today my beautiful little sista celebrated her 13th birthday!

13 years ago my grandparents and I waited in the waiting room for Rhey's arrival.
13 years ago I received my life long best friend!
13 years ago I had to learn that the world doesn't revolve around me and that I don't get all the attention anymore.

Have Rhey and I always been close?  Oh heaven's no ..... in fact:

1 year ago I realized that my friends are only temporary and that in the end, Rhey willalways be there for me.
1 year ago Rhey and I really grew close and love one on one time together (although we don't get that as much as we used to).

So here are some pictures from today .... enjoy :)

In HIS grace, Alisha