Please pray...

Lately I have had a desire to start a girl's discipleship group!
So tomorrow starts the first day of a mini girl's discipleship group with two young ladies after church, fellowship, and clean-up.
Please pray that I will only speak words that the Father will want me to speak.  I want this discipleship group to be encouraging, God-glorifying, up-lifting, and so much more.

But wait?  Then the discipleship group is only limited to the young ladies at church!  I have the desire to minister to young ladies outside of church.
I will be making up flyers in order to see if anyone will be interested in joining me for a girl's discipleship group.  This group will be held at the library...I'm excited to see what the Lord will be doing!
Please pray that if it's the Father's will, then He will send the young ladies He wants to this group.

Thank you all for your prayers!

My main desire is to be fully in HIS will...so if that means I only host a girl's discipleship group at church, then HIS will be done.

As they say in Facing the Giants:
"Grant, what are you doin'?"
"Preparing for rain!"

"If we do the possible, God will do the impossible!"
- Cameron Townsend -