Life is fleeting

I found this video on Pinterest and it made me cry...while it spoke truth!!

So many times, we as older siblings push the younger ones away!  Why?  Why do we was older siblings need to be so selfish?  All they want is affirmation, love, and for us to sacrifice a little bit of our time for them! We need to make sure we leave our younger siblings a do you want your little brother and/or sister to remember you?  I know I want Sydney to remember me as an older sister in whom she can confide, play with, run to when she needs comfort, etc.

Now I admit...for the past eleven and a half years I have failed miserably...praise God I get a second chance...I pray that God grants me another eleven and a half years to make up for the past.

Anyway...I hope this video speaks to you like it did me!

Jostie Flicks - Love you 

My love be with you all in Christ Jesus,