Christmas gifts and my new look

This Christmas it is easy for me to say that I received everything that I had asked for...and then some :D  Don't you just love it when that happens?  Well anyway here are the pictures...as promised :P  Enjoy m' friends!!

I saw this Bible at the Christian bookstore earlier this year and fell in love with it!!!  I was so surprised to find it wrapped...and with my name inscribed :D


 I am finally starting to collect things for my hope chest!  However right now (due to the lack of a chest) I have started a "hope tub", but I intend to get an actual chest {someday} :P

 My dear friend Em surprised me with Christmas gifts...thank you Em :D

 My adopted grandma got me this...I'm excited to use it!  The wooden thing you see in the top left corner is a cute little wooden scoop

 My grandparents from IA got me this outfit...I'll have to take a picture when I'm wearing it!  I love Cato :D

 Sydney got me these...I love them!!!!

 I love this room decoration :D

 I told you that I'd post a picture of my new look :P  What do you think?


The day after Christmas this is the sight I woke up to.  Even though it was a freezing mix {rain, ice, & snow} it was still beautiful :D

a picture to close this post with!

Well m'friends, it is time for me to close this post and head on off to bed for the night!  I pray that you all have a wonderful weekend...God bless you all!!

Serving HIM,

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