Jordan and her huge predicament

Joshua and Jordan always quarreled...and it was always over little things. One day the quarreling went to far!
One snow day in Red Oak, Iowa, Joshua (11)  and Jordan (7) sat in the basement of their house playing the PlayStation 2. Not being able to decide on what game to play the quarreling soon began.

Joshua: No Jordan we're going to play Tony Hawk today, because we played the Disney game last time!
Jordan: Joshua we played the Tony Hawk game last time!
Joshua: No we didn't! You're just saying that because you want to play the Disney game!
Jordan: Joshua I'm not that selfish!
Joshua: If you don't let me play Tony Hawk, I'll lock you in the closet!
Jordan: I'm going to tell Mommy that you're acting like this.

Soon Jordan found herself locked away in a dark closet, while Joshua was playing the game he wanted! After about 45 min. of being locked in the closet Jordan started crying until...knock, knock, knock. Somebody's at the door! Please be Mommy or Alisha! Thought Jordan as she pressed her ear to the closet door so she could hear better. From the closet this what she heard:

Me: Hey Joshua can you and Jordan play?
Joshua: Um-mm....well I can, but Jordan can't....she's in trouble!
Me: Really what did she do?

Before Joshua could answer my question, Jordan let out a loud scream: H-E-L-P M-E!!!!! I recognized the voice and where it was coming from.  I made my way to the closet in which poor Jordan was contained.

Me: Jordan are you okay?
Jordan: No...Joshua locked me in there!
Me: Why because he wanted to play the game he played last week...Tony Hawk?
Jordan: Yep!

As Joshua, Jordan, and I walked up the stairs Heather stopped us.

Heather: Who screamed at the top of their lungs?
Alisha: Jordan did...she was locked in the closet downstairs!
Jordan: Yeah Mommy, Joshua locked me in the closet because I wanted to play the Disney game on the PlayStation 2 with him. But no he wanted to play the same game he played last week!
Heather: Joshua you are not allowed to play with the girls today, you're grounded...this time I mean it !

As Jordan and I happily played with each other, Joshua sat at the window watching us play in my backyard. For those of you curious...Joshua never locked Jordan in another closet again!

So how did you like this story?  This was actually a work of fiction and non-fiction that I came up with...

Josh really did lock Jordan in a closet because he didn't get his way, but he was never caught (due to a promise I made him)

Serving HIM,

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