Josh and his marvelous idea

It all happened with three very best friends: me (7), Josh (9), and Jordan (5).  

One cold winter day we decided to play at Joshua & Jordan's house.  Since I lived behind Joshua and Jordan,the three of us played with each other 24/7!  Anyway, Josh was grounded this particular very cold winter day, and Jordan was taking her afternoon nap.  Being the trouble-maker that he was, Joshua decided to go against what his mother, Heather, had told him, and played with me anyway, since I was playing in my backyard.
      Josh: Hey Alisha, come on over so we can play!
      Me: “No Josh we can't your grounded, maybe tomorrow.”
      Josh: I'm only grounded from going over to YOUR house...we can still play.
      Me: Oh, okay I'm on my way.  So I started heading toward the drive way.
      Josh: No, no, no, it will take too long, just climb over the fence.
       Me: Joshua are you nuts, I'll get stuck, no way, I'm walking over!
       Josh: I'll even help you over, I climb over the fence all the time!
      Me:  Fine, but you better help me!

As I was climbing over the fence, my right leg got caught between the pickets.  Josh had no clue what to do...if he told his mother...he would be in deep trouble.  If he leftme in the fence, I might end up with a broken leg.  So Josh decided to run for help...he jumped the fence I was stuck in, and ran into my house yelling “Ali's stuck in the fence!” over and over!  Now my mom had just finished getting dressed after a nice hot shower.  Hearing Josh yell this, she ran outside with wet hair, and helped me out of the fence!

Three hours later, Heather returned from her friends house, and she and my mom talked for quite some time.  My mom told Heather how I had gotten stuck in the fence after being convinced by Josh.  Heather then told my mom that Josh had been grounded for the day, and wasn't allowed to play with me.  My mom apologized for allowing us to play together.  While our two mom's talked, Josh, Jordan, and I had our own conversation...I told Josh that I would never take his advice again.

Serving HIM,

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