Dear ______ {insert Author's name}

I really enjoyed your book _____________ {insert book title}...until the 12th chapter.  This is when I started to cringe and question your decisions on why you had to add in the content that you did.  Sadly my flesh won the battle and I didn't put the book down like I should have (I'm by no means perfect)!  Since then I am constantly reminded of 2 Timothy 2:22  where we are commanded to "flee youthful lusts".

With the way our society is today, you should be writing books that edify the soul, provide challenging faith questions, etc.  We don't need books with party scenes, somewhat sensual actions, etc.  I you proclaim to be a devout Christian author, then shouldn't your work reflect your faith?

Your book has proven something to me...not all "Christian" authors can be trusted!

Serving HIM,

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