What is the TRUE meaning behind Halloween?

I know that October 31st is coming up soon, so I thought that I would just write about it. 

My family and I used to celebrate Halloween and thought it was all fine and dandy.  After some research we decided to stop celebrating this holiday and do something else. I was not very happy with this decision, but I need to obey my parents like the Bible says. Instead of dressing up and trick or treating, we decided to rent a movie, have treats, and just stay at home. I really liked that I idea so I went on with my life without complaining to the Lord. After some years past they did more research and found out it is a Pagan Holiday. About 600 years ago the Pagans used to worship their god’s. Remember the first two commandments in the Bible Thou shalt not have no other god’s before me and Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. Remember from the Halloween movies, the black cats, well cats in general are considered "holy." The Pagans used to sacrifice cats, sad huh? You know one of the things I liked most about Halloween, it was to carve pumpkins! Did you know that there used to be a guy named Jack? He would walk around carrying a lantern to keep the evil spirits away from him. So everyone would make the lanterns out of pumpkins to keep the evil spirits away from them. As you can see there is nothing glorifying to the Lord Almighty through this holiday.
My parents have discussed about having a costume party after October 31st. Now there is nothing wrong with having a costume party, until you dress up like zombies, mummies, witches, Medusa, the devil, or any other evil creature. I hope you all have a different perspective on this evil oriented holiday.

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