Parents know what they're talking about

18...the age every sixteen year old girl wishes they could be...why?  Perhaps the "freedom" they will get.  Driver's License, graduating from High School, living on their own, perhaps the age their parents would allow them to have a "boyfriend", the age where they could possibly get married, etc.
Turning 18 will bring me all of the opposite: getting my Driver's License, being a Senior in High School, staying at home, trusting in the Lord to bring the right man along, going to Daddy about a certain somebody that has caught my eye, watching everyone around me get married, dreaming about the day my knight in shining armor will sweep me off my feet, learning how to cook, etc.
When I turned 17, my parents told me that life (as I knew it) wouldn't be the same!  On the outside I made it look like I believed them, but on the inside, I chuckled thinking:
yeah but you weren't raised the same way I'm being raised!  Let me tell you...parents know what they're talking about!!  Life as I knew it (finding it easy to trust Mamma and Daddy, getting along okay with my little sister, not caring about what a young man cares about you, etc) changed.  Now, six months before turning 18, my life as I knew is indeed drastically changing (finding it harder to trust what Mamma and Daddy choose is indeed the best for me, going to Daddy about a certain somebody that has caught my eye, caring about what the young man thinks of me, constantly being asked if I have (or want) a boyfriend, constantly being asked if I'm want to go to college, and just growing up).

Do I want to have trouble trusting what my parents choose for me is the best?  yes!!

Do I want to care about what the young man thinks of me?  well I don't really care (or at least I thought I didn't)!!

Do I have (or want) a boyfriend?  no...not at all...I'm sorry that road is not for me!!  My heart is reserved for the one God has for me...not who Alisha can track down!

Do I want to go to college?  nope...I don't think they have a degree in home-making and motherhood!

Do I want to grow up?  yes & no...if growing up means that I will be laughed at because: I still love Veggie Tales, still play Barbies with my sister, absolutely love teddy bears, etc. then no not really!  But if it means that my Lord can use me even better...then count me in!!

As you can tell, I'm currently confused about life!!  I've heard that it only gets worse as you get older (oh great...where's the time machine?)!  I have a little advice for those who are on the verge of adulthood (about to turn 17 or 18), don't let the Devil deceive you.  Listen to your parents...trust them (I know it may be hard at times)...don't take your eyes off of Jesus...dig deeper into God's Blueprint for your life (the Bible)

I used to be excited about almost being 18...but, can I borrow anyone's time machine? :D

Blessings to all on this day of rest!


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  1. There are two sides to this dilemma that you are betwixt (1) it doesn't get any easier - in the sense - you'll always have hard decisions, you'll always need to answer to someone (regardless the path you take), and the responsibility gets heavier and heavier, however, on the brightER side (2) if you trust that the Lord will take you through the storms, trust that He knows best and have learned (through your earlier years) to allow Him to have His way - you'll never go wrong. And being married and having children will be a wonderful, fulfilling experience that rivals no other. Whether you have one child or many children, the joy you will have in your life having left God to decide the man for you and having a relationship and family IN HIM is nothing short of amazing! Pastor Dave once said "love between a husband and wife is great, but love between a husband and wife, found in Jesus is so much more than anyone, who hasn't experienced it, could ever imagine." I can totally understand that (speaking from experience). Hold on to what you know is True. Know and believe that those whom He has placed in your life to help guide you (momma and daddy) are ON YOUR SIDE and want, for you, the desires that He has placed on your heart. Your time will come, but for now, what does He have for you to do? Reside always in Him.
    Loves to you, always!


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