Cafeteria Monster

Inman Primary School...most second graders will tell you that this particular school makes learning fun, but four of them (who are now Sophomores) will tell you that this school made lunch time a horror story!
Me (8), Wyatt (8), Drew (8), and William (8) dreaded lunch time! Most kids find the cafeteria a place of refuge during the school week, but these four second graders thought the classroom as refuge. Why you ask? Well there was one lady that made our lunch time a horror story. Wyatt, Drew, and William gave this lady a name...the Cafeteria Monster. If you cannot fathom how awful their lunch time was, then allow me to give you about four examples:

 When the school would serve green beans and carrots, I would avoid them with my whole life (I hated carrots and green beans with a passion). However this is how the conversation between them:
“Hi there, can you not give me carrots and green beans please?”
“What's the matter you don't like them?”
“Well no it's not that it's...I...I just don't feel like carrots and green beans today.”
After that four letter word came the scoops...scoop 1, scoop 2, scoop 3. This made me very angry, only because I would have to eat carrots and green beans at home too. Anyway, luckily there was always the trash can!

When they would serve macaroni and cheese, Wyatt would have an absolute blast! Allow me to preface how disgusting the macaroni and cheese was exactly! It wasn't thick and creamy, but watery and mushy! Anyway back to the story, this how Wyatt and Cafeteria Monster would talk to one another”
“Hi there, can you not give me Macaroni and cheese please?”
“What's the matter you don't like it?”
“Well no...it's just I'm gonna have it for dinner, so...”
As usual the awful four letter word...scoop 1, scoop 2, scoop 3, scoop 4, and the hugest scoop 5! Luckily William loved the macaroni and cheese with his whole heart (yuck). This didn't make Wyatt happy, he tried going to the teacher one time, but the teacher thought he was making up a story...poor Wyatt!

I have never been a fan of 1% white milk (or chocolate), but that's all Inman carried...that and orange juice. One day, I didn't feel like orange juice or milk. Cafeteria Monster noticed me contemplating over what drink to get, and made sure I knew that I was doing something wrong.
“Hey move it little girl, you're holding up the line!”
“I can't decide what to get for my drink.”
“Take some milk and get moving!”
“I don't like 1% milk.
“Grab water then! HURRY UP!”
“I don't want water.”
Hesitantly I grabbed the orange juice (which was 1% too). I made sure that I took her own drink in the future!

 Pizza day was William's favorite day...none of us were quite sure why. However we were really confused at why Cafeteria Monster was so “nice” to William. I soon found out the answer to our confusion...this is how William would talk to Cafeteria Monster on pizza day:
“How is your day going ma'am?”
“That's good...I don't want any pizza thank you?”
“What's the matter you don't like it?”
“No as a matter of fact I absolutely HATE the pizza here, but since I wont be eating dinner for a long time, then I might as well have some then huh?”
Well you know the tradition, although William got himself into trouble and ended up giving his three friends a slice of pizza and still had one of his own!

Brief History on the Characters:

I am now 17 years old and am a Junior in high school. I enjoy photography, card-making, writing books, and scrap-booking. I hope that the books I write will reflect the Light of my Savior. I am currently working on a pure romance novel. 

(Wyatt, Drew, and William are non-fictional characters, however I haven't seen them since the sixth grade)


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