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Mission Trip Update

With only 32 days left to go until the departure, this girl is getting so excited!

I'm terribly sorry for the quietness on the blog, but I've been gallivantin' around the country with my sister & preparing for this life changing season I'm about to enter.

What's left on the prep list?

// yellow fever immunization
// typhoid fever immunization

Just last week I had an answer to a prayer of mine.

I have been praying for God to provide a way for me to get a very nice backpack for my trip - thinking He'd provide the money for me to buy one.  But last week, Mrs. D (the missionary wife) called and told me that she and her husband had bought me a nice backpack.  I couldn't believe it - I had a backpack waitin' for me when I got back to VA!!!  I cried and haven't stopped thankin' God :)

can't wait to use it!!
I'll try to keep y'all updated more!!!!!

Handmade With Love // Olivia //

Two months ago, I got together with a handful of friends and we made cards for the children at the orphanage I'll be volunteering at while I'm in Ghana.  Rhey posted a few on her Google+ account and a pen-pal asked if she could make some for me to take on my trip.

Yesterday I found a package on the table from this sweet girl.  I was overwhelmed at what I saw when I opened the package.  She emailed me the other day saying that she had sent 101 cards to me.  Here is a collage I made - enjoy ;)

Thank you so much Olivia for all the beautiful hard work you put into each card!!!

21st Celebration

As I said yesterday, I am back in the blogging world.  And as my mom said in her post on here, I went to DC. Miss Linda took decided to take me to the Embassy of Ghana, so I could get my visa for my upcoming mission trip.  She used the visa as a ploy so we could stay with her son and I could have a memorable 21st birthday.  Here are pictures I took along the way (and some that Miss Linda took).  Enjoy ;)
April 4th, 2016:
 Me and Rhey getting ready to head on out to DC with Miss Linda
Road trips are the greatest with aviator sun glasses and Pandora Radio ;)

April 5th, 2016:
 One of the neighborhoods near the Embassy of Ghana.  I fell in love with the beauty of this neighborhood :)
 Me, Rhey, and Miss Linda at the Washington National Cathedral
Me, Miss Linda, and Rhey having lunch
After lunch, we went to the Pentagon City Mall and walked around
I found this cute cup {but I didn't buy it} - and it expressed e.x.a.c.t.l.y how I feel ;)
Lee (Miss Linda's son) took the three of us ou…

A Quick Update (from Alisha's mother)

I didn't realize Alisha was suppose to have a link up for you all (whoops!).  It's not her fault it's not up yet - it's mine.  See I'm part of a mastermind plot for her birthday...

There were some folks involved in pulling the wool over her eyes in order to surprise her for her 21st birthday, which is TODAY (be sure to leave her a birthday wish).  She is currently in DC waiting for her visa at the African Embassy!!!! However, the surprises are still to come (muh-ha-ha-ha!!!)  
But she'll have to be the one to tell you all about those....
She will have it up - as soon as she returns.  She should be back online Thursday - sorry for any delays I might have caused.