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The 2nd annual blog party

Brainstorming. I just love it … don't you?! It's the time where your creative juices start to flow, and you come up with all these great ideas … but then you get concerned because you aren't really good at multitasking … or wonder, will that really work! The only time however that I utterly despise brainstorming, is when I'm trying to sleep (especially when I have planned to get up early the next morning – trying to get on a schedule)! Apparently, my mind and I think differently (no pun intended there haha).
Alisha, are you going to do a whole post on brainstorming – the pros and cons to brainstorming, how brainstorming can affect your health, or brainstorming 101?
Eh … not really … however, brainstorming can affect your health. Oh yes … it can cause lack of sleep, which innately affects your health … just FYI :P
So as I was … * wait for it * … brainstorming ideas on how to kick off my blogs 3rd anniversary (oh … yes there was a lack of sleep) … I finallydecided on …