A Senior picture showdown

I cannot believe that graduation is next Saturday....man how time flies!  Since we have been sooo busy with house renovations, it's been real rainy, and now that I'm working full-time .... it's been hard to find time to go take pictures lol.  Buuuuuut ..... today the weather was absolutely perfect for pictures :)  So without further rambling ...... enjoy :)

These pictures were taken at a b.e.a.ut.i.f.u.l garden ..... 

 :: Free at last!  Free at last!  Thank God Almighty, I'm free at last! ::
**Martin Luther King, Jr. **

These pictures were taken at a gorgeous Presbyterian church in the town we used to live.  I actually took my old friends pictures at the this church :)

And these were taken at our house .... gotta love havin' 5 acres :)

heehee ..... this is my absolute favorite :)  This was my Pinterest inspired pose .... and after taking about 100 pictures just to get the perfect bubble .... we got the perfect picture and perfect bubble :)

My dad's parents get here on Thursday and we start decorating Thursday night and Friday night.  So stay tuned for posts titled:

*Graduation prep
*The big day

In HIS grace, Alisha