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When & how my sweet friend and I met

My dear friend and I met five years ago (2009) when I was 13 and she was 15.  At that time, we were just merely acquaintances….I subscribed to her magazine and submitted content.  At times, I would get an occasional personal note from her, and I would write back. At fourteen, I participated in an apron swap hosted by Emily at Practically Pink.  What Emily did was, she paired young ladies up whose personalities complemented each other.  So Emily paired me up with my dear friend.  Soon I received a beautifully sewn apron from her and she received a vintage apron that I had bought (at that time I couldn't sew).  With the aprons there were personal letters to one another and a recipe.  After the apron swap we started to communicate more often through personal letters….not just about the magazine. In 2011, our friendship blossomed!  We started writing letters, then we started chatting through our Google accounts, then we started texting…..then the Father saw it was time to step me out of…