Taylor Mason & Romeo

Okay....so I haven't posted anything funny in a while....so make sure you have some Tylenol next to you when you watch this.  Why?  You will laugh so hard you will get a headache!  This guy is Taylor Mason.....he is a comedian, entertainer, musician, and ventriloquist.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did :)

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Longing for Texas

Nowadays, looking at pictures from the past makes me long for the 'what used to be's'.  Why?  I'm not exactly sure why to tell the truth!  Maybe it's because I miss the friend(s) I once had, being younger [just joking], or maybe it's because for five years of my life I spent my all time in my favoritest state...Texas [and if favoritest isn't a word...it is now...I just used it :)].  Yep, if I were given the opportunity to move back to the dry, very humid, scorpion laden state, I would go in a heart beat.  Oh don't get me wrong, Virginia is just absolutely wonderful, but there is something about Texas that keeps tugging at my heart.

Okay...enough said!  If y'all [see I still talk like a girl from Texas] guessed that I would post pictures...then you are...correct! :)  However the good ole days that I remember are way back in 2010...so enjoy looking into the past of my life!  You all enjoy while I sit back and think about all the good times we I had "deep in the heart of Texas" :)

Okay so these first four pictures were taken while we lived in Texas, but they were actually taken in Iowa...I can't wait for the opportunity to see this awesome and blessed family again :)

 :: playing with good friends ::

 :: we have the same personalities...it's honestly sorta creepy lol.  However, she and her sister are the greatest friends in the whole universe ::

 :: the coordinating colors were not planned at all :)  I guess what they say is true, great minds think alike! ::

:: these three could be affectionately called the "three musketeers"...they are never seen apart! ::

Now here are the pictures from Texas....

 :: [sigh] ::

Swimming with friends at Blue Hole...

 :: I miss the clear warm-esh rivers :( 
Oh and yes...I went to the concert advertised on the back of my t-shirt ::

 :: Me and Rick playing with a the property owner's dog ::

 :: Sydney...look how young she was ::

 :: yes...Texas had rope swings ::

 :: Me and Rick ::

:: Rick and I never left the rope swing :) ::

:: Sydney and Maureen ::

Trips to Amusement parks....Texas had the best amusement parks ever...

:: Daddy did the Silo climb at ZDT's ::

:: Oh yeah...and we lived 25-30 minutes away from SeaWorld San Antonio :) ::

 :: Yep that's right...SeaWorld was open all year round ::

 :: image credit ::

 :: image credit ::

:: image credit ::

Other fun things....

:: BTW...I took these photos December 2010...short sleeves & flip-flops in December...I miss that :) :: 

:: She's a goofball :) ::

:: Bike riding in December ::

:: I miss these things ::

 :: Visiting the Alamo ::

:: Sydney, My Hero, Me ::

 :: Playing in the rain... ::

:: ...with my b.f.f.l ::

Dances with Daddy in February...

:: 2008 ::

:: 2009 ::
 :: <3 ::

 :: I sorta miss these dances ::

:: Obviously our views of modesty have changed :) ::

:: Yes I wore those heels at the dance in 2009 & 2010 ;) ::

 :: Best Friends For Life ::

 :: Daddy with his two baby girls ::

 :: Me and my hero ::

 :: <3 ::
 :: I love these two ::

 :: I <3 this girl :) ::

 :: Would you believe it if I said we were six and a half years apart?  I'm amazed we are so close! ::

:: Being goofy with our Daddy before we left for the dance ::

Saying "goodbye" to those you may never see again...

 :: Me and my old friend Ilana ::
 :: Me and Mari...we were having fun in the pool ::

:: Isabella (Bella)....she was an absolute cutie (most of the time) ::

 :: L-R - Amariah, Ilana, Kassi, Hanna, Me...we were celebrating my 16th birthday at ZDT's ::

:: Me and Amariah ::

 :: My "youth group" L-R - Mr. H., Kassi, Me, Thomas, Ilana, Mrs. H., Hanna, Maddy (holding Khloe)

 :: Rick didn't like having his picture taken :) ::

:: Me and Maureen at a knitting/crocheting meeting...we were listening to her iPod ::

:: Julius and Sydney loved to draw...every time we went to there house these two would get out the paper and pencils :) ::

 :: The whole gang...L to R - Maureen, Rick, Me, Julius, Sydney (holding Toby)

As you can see, we I have fond memories of living in Texas.  Don't get me wrong, so does my family...but I'm the one that thinks about Texas 24/7...the rest of my family loves it here in Virginia, and I do too....I'm just praying that I'm able to move back to Texas when my "cowboy in shining boots" comes for me :)

Love from,