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Taylor Mason & Romeo

Image I haven't posted anything funny in a make sure you have some Tylenol next to you when you watch this.  Why?  You will laugh so hard you will get a headache!  This guy is Taylor Mason.....he is a comedian, entertainer, musician, and ventriloquist.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I did :)

Love from,

Longing for Texas

Nowadays, looking at pictures from the past makes me long for the 'what used to be's'.  Why?  I'm not exactly sure why to tell the truth!  Maybe it's because I miss the friend(s) I once had, being younger [just joking], or maybe it's because for five years of my life I spent my all time in my favoritest state...Texas [and if favoritest isn't a is now...I just used it :)].  Yep, if I were given the opportunity to move back to the dry, very humid, scorpion laden state, I would go in a heart beat.  Oh don't get me wrong, Virginia is just absolutely wonderful, but there is something about Texas that keeps tugging at my heart.
Okay...enough said!  If y'all [see I still talk like a girl from Texas] guessed that I would post pictures...then you are...correct! :)  However the good ole days that I remember are way back in enjoy looking into the past of my life!  You all enjoy while I sit back and think about all the good times we I had &…