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1 year blogoversary : singleness

I can't believe that one year has past since I started this blog...WOW!

I had trouble figuring out what I wanted to do exactly...but I finally came up with something.

For my one year blogoversary I am hosting a giveaway!  I now this is a typical blogoversary, but I will be brainstorming more ideas for upcoming giveaways :D

I am giving away the book "Singlehood That Glorifies God" by John Coblentz.  I have read this book and liked it.  Instead of referencing "courting/courtship" the author references "dating"...that is the only thing I had issues with.  Other than was really good.

It talks about how single people need to understand themselves and focus on serving God.

Here's how you enter this giveaway:

1.Leave a comment sharing what the Lord has been teaching you (1 comment = 1 entry) 
2.Post about this giveaway on your blog or any other sites you have
3.Memorize 1 Corinthians 7:34

Let me know if you've entered the giveaway by emailing…

Trips, trips, trips, & more trips

Trips.  Our family has taken so many trips lately, it is unbelievable!  Just kidding...I've enjoyed it tremendously!  As are some pictures!  Enjoy ;D
For Momma's b-day we went to Virginia Beach: (The first five were taken at the Living Museum)
 I love sea turtles

Momma & Daddy
 RJ...sorry this picture is somewhat blurry....he wouldn't stop moving long enough for me to take a decent one :P
 I just liked the way this one turned out!
At the beach:
The walk to the shore....
 Looking at....
 ....this dead guy
I love the beach!!
 The sun-set....{sigh}
 These chairs were awesome!!
Not sure what these were exactly...I will have to look it up

Visiting family in Iowa:

 Me and Charlie grandpa's Cockapoo
I really want a Cockapoo :D
 Papa let Sydney drive the Bad boy buggie...
 ...she got a little carried away :P