Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Hello everyone, it's me again ... Alisha?  The girl behind this blog ... yeeeah her 😝

I felt it was due time for another post, because ... well ... I hadn't posted in a while, and who loves a silent blog, right???

I sincerely apologize for the silence on this blog - 2017 has proven to be the year of travels for me (totally not complaining here lol), and other things have happened here at home ... so that explains the "neglect" y'all have seen here on the blog.

As y'all know, Rhey and I spent a little over two weeks in Kentucky visiting our totally awesome friends (you can see past trips here ... here ... and here 😉).  While we were there, we were able to celebrate Chloe's birthday, Sammy-boy's birthday, Chloe's graduation, and our one year friendaversary (technically we've been friends for much longer, but we first visited them last year!).

Here are some pictures for you all to enjoy 😁

God made us best friends and not sisters because ....

our mothers couldn't handle us as sisters lol 😂

listening to music with Sammy-boy

ME: "how about a normal picture????"
HIM: "Oh fiiiine"

.... there ya go lol 


Chloe and Me at the park

I don't think these two ever get normal pictures together ....

... ohhhhh wait ... look ... there's a normal picture 😂

This is what I find in my gallery when I leave my phone unsupervised haha

shopping with Chloe (fyi ... she hates shopping) 

Me and Noah

We went to Illinois on Sammy-boy's birthday.  He wanted to go fishing and hiking ... so that's what we did 😊

Their caption for this picture was "Pals forever!"

Hiking with this girl was a blast 😁

Sammy-boy taught Rhey how to fish 😊🎣

Finding the perfect worm

... she was a real trooper.  It was cold, windy, and she didn't get anything ... but she didn't quit.

... the birthday boy

Noah and his nephew

... Little Man loved to fish too 😍

Chloe and I couldn't fish, but we still had a great time 😀

Oh yeah ... it flooded while we were there 😨

Reya and I went shopping with Grace and Mama Hale for Chloe's graduation.

... I had to get a selfie with the graduate 😁

.... yeah, we're both crazy!

See, what'd I tell ya???  Rarely do we get a normal picture haha 😂

... then again - I don't think we get a normal one either lol

... never mind, I take that back 😜😏
So there ya have it ... we had such a marvelous time with our second family!!!

U P D A T E   O N   M Y   L I F E  :

I am no longer in school, I felt God wanted me to quit and I'm glad I did.  I do have a diploma from the School of Biblical Evangelism, and am proud I went through that!

I was recently asked by a blog reader if the reason I wasn't blogging was because I was distracted by a special someone.  So to possibly ease everyone else's mind ... here is my answer.

I am .... not in a relationship, nor do I see that in the near future.
I'm very happy in my singlehood, and love just being at home with my family.

However, if there's a change in my "relationship status" ... I will let y'all know 😏

The day after tomorrow (Saturday, May 20th), I am leaving for yet another trip - this time I'm gonna be gone for three weeks!
I'm headed to the place my heart truly belongs ... Texas!😍😎😉

When I get back, be prepared for lots of pictures!


That's all I have for now, I'll catch y'all June 15th 😊

(if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you can keep up with my trip.  Look for the hashtag alishas 2017 travel adventures 😉)